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Wildlife related web sites

Page updated 15/08/10 - please email me if you find broken links - thanks (info@whentowatchwildlife.org)

Here are some web sites that you may find interesting, or useful, when searching for information about wildlife, nature and nature conservation. Sites with an asterisk are Government funded organisations.

If you would like to suggest your favourite site, then please feel free to email me.  Sites that are primarily commercial are not included - sorry.

For wildlife webcams - go to the recently updated  W2WW Wildlife Webcams page

Sites specially for younger people:

Web based nature conservation and wildlife organisations
(see also the miscellaneous section at the bottom of this page)

  • Naturenet - informative and engaging site addressing wildlife and countryside\conservation issues.
  • Wildlife.co.uk - a broad range of wildlife, nature conservation and activist links
  • BBC - information about the natural world and programmes.  Also hosts discussion fora
  • The BBC also has an area dedicated to species and habitats: http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/places/United_Kingdom
  • Bird Forum - highly respected birders site
  • Wild About Britain - diverse site dedicated to wildlife and nature conservation, with chat forums, news, photos and links
  • ARKive - on-line database of British species with images and other information
  • Conservation Issues UK - Conservation Issues UK is dedicated to providing up-to-date and real-life accounts of conservation issues and practical conservation projects that are underway in the UK.
  • UK Safari - An excellent resource with information about wildlife and the countryside. Contains articles, photographs, a newsletter, a list of rescue hospitals, and links to related web sites.
  • The Postcode Plants Database

Organisations dedicated to nature conservation:

Other organisations who significantly contribute to nature conservation:

Your local Council will also play an important role in nature conservation in planning and designations.  If you can't find anything on their web site ask them why not!

Other recommended miscellaneous sites from the internet:

  • Netherfield Wildlife - Monitoring the Netherfield Lagoons, Nottinghamshire
  • Bigg Bird Forum - a lively bird and wildlife related chat site.  The Biggs also run probably the best bird box nest watch site in Britain
  • More Nature Notes from Robert Burton
  • www.birding.uk.com - useful bird related web resource.
  • British Garden Birds - Interesting and varied site dedicated mostly to birds, with a lively and popular chat forum
  • Dean Birders: This web site is the result of two keen birdwatchers getting together and wanting to share their hobby with those that have difficulty getting out and about. They set up feeder stations and nesting boxes in the gardens of those people that are either elderly or have a disability and are limited to the house.

  • British Wild Flowers - an easy to use site with plant photographs

  • Wildlife Gardener - An interesting site dedicated to the promotion wildlife friendly gardening.

  • Picsearch - a site with images found from the web - includes anything you can think of, but is a great resource for plant photos

  • Bioimages - a site that details classification as well as thousands of images within its database


All images and text are copyright PMcS 2006