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Nature and wildlife books

I have listed books that I own below and have indicated the ones that are the most treasured.  Many are now out of print, although some have been replaced by newer versions if you want to purchase a copy.  However if you buy a book but then hate it - don't blame me!

Nature's Calendar C Packham et al. Collins 0007246465 **** Seasonal guide to GB wildlife sites - nicely put together
A Guide to the Vegetation of Britain and Europe Oleg Polunin et al. Oxford University Press 0192177133 ***** Serious ecological guide with high quality line drawings and fascinating content
A Nature Journal Richard Mabey Chatto & Windus 0701135077 *** Reminiscences of nature
AA Book of Britain's Countryside Ed.: Rose Catt Midsummer Books Ltd 074951860X **** Great general background to British habitats and species that they support
The History of the Countryside Oliver Rackham JM Dent & Sons Ltd 0460125524 ***** Definitive ground breaking work - a must read
The living Isles A Natural History of Britain and Ireland Peter Crawford Book Club Associates 0563203692 *** General background to British natural history
Reader's Digest Wildlife Watch - Grassland & Woodland in Spring Reader's Digest Reader's Digest 027642838 *** Packed full of information with colourful photos and illustrations, although subject maybe too wide for book
Reader's Digest Wildlife Watch - Gardens & Parks in Spring Reader's Digest Reader's Digest 0276428821 *** Packed full of information with colourful photos and illustrations
Reader's Digest Wildlife Watch - Waterside & Coast in Winter Reader's Digest Reader's Digest 0276440617 *** Packed full of information with colourful photos and illustrations - not only focused on winter in spite of the title
Nick Baker's British Wildlife - a month by month guide Nick Baker The Wildlife Trust 1843300605 ***** A great inspiration to get out there - clean & engaging format
The Macmillan Guide to Britain's Nature Reserves J Hywel-Davies MacMillan 0333467906 ***** Definitive countrywide nature reserves guide
The Natural History Britain and Ireland Heather Angel Mermaid Books 0718125576 *** Slightly dated, but good generalist book
A year in Nature notes Derwent May Times Books 0007181906 **** Evocative calendar of the wildlife year
The Four Seasons (The Living Countryside) Bob Gibbons et al. Readers Digest 0276396618 **** Excellent seasonal guide
Nature's Year Maribel Edwin Longmans None * Very dated but some interesting details
Ladybird Nature Books (series): What to look for in Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter EL Grant Watson with CF Tunnicliffe illustrations Wills & Hepworth Ltd None ***** Classics and a must for reminiscing
The most amazing places in Britain's Countryside C Smith et al. Readers Digest 9780276444234 *** Good introduction to natural highlights from chosen regions
Somerset Wetlands - An Ever Changing Environment Dr P Hatt-Cottingham et al. Somerset Books 9780861834327 **** Series of interesting articles in a big format book with lots of photos
More Country Talk JHB Peel Robert Hale 0709141769 ** Old style country essays from the Daily Telegraph
The New Times Nature Diary Derwent May Robson Books 0860518507 ** Nature Diary extracts from The Times
Seashore P J Hayward New Naturalist 0002200309 **** A new member of the NN Series - not for the faint hearted as very scientific
Woodlands Oliver Rackham New Naturalist 0007202431 **** A new member of the NN Series - Important reading for any serious naturalist
Wildlife of Coastal Waters Tony Soper Bradt 1841620580 *** Nicely written but over priced
The Observer's Book of Pond Life John Clegg Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd None *** One of a series with wide general information, dated.
The Natural History of Britain and Northern Europe - Coasts and Estuaries Richard Barnes et al. Hodder & Stoughton 0340231548 *** Great series of books, packed full of information both species and habitat related.  Bit dated
Secrets of the Seashore (The Living Countryside) Derek Hall et al Readers Digest 0276374363 **** Great series of books with engaging format.  Slightly dated.
Seashores and Shallow Seas of Britain and Europe Andrew Cambell Hamyln 0753709589 **** Good broad ranging guide with nice clean illustrations
British Trees - A Guide for Everyman Miles Hadfield Dent None ***** Dated guide but a quality field guide holds
Collins Guide to the Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns of Britain and Northern Europe Richard Fitter et al. Collins 0002191369 **** Classic field guide
Collins New Naturalists Series British Plant Life WB Turrill Collins 1870630831 *** Dated but one of a classic series
Collins New Naturalists Series Wild Flowers J Gilmour & M Walters Collins 1870630785 *** Dated but one of a classic series
Collins New Naturalists Series Wild flowers of chalk and limestone JE Lousley Collins 1870630548 *** Dated but one of a classic series
Collins New Naturalists Series Wild Orchids of Britain VS Summerhayes Collins 0002190869 *** Dated but one of a classic series
Excursion flora of the British isles AR Clapham et al. Cambridge University Press 0521232902 ***** Professional's botanical field guide - no pictures!
Out of the Woods - The Armchair guide to Trees Will Cohu (illust. Mungo McCosh) Short Books 9781904977834 **** Unusual book which uses a fictional journey to engage the user in tree identification, with attractive woodcuts
Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of Britain Reader' s Digest Assoc Ltd Reader' s Digest Assoc Ltd 0276425065 ***** Attractive table-top guide
Flora Britannica Richard Mabey Sinclair-Steveson 1856193772 ***** Excellent tome detailing plant history and folk lore - great images too
Field Guide to the Trees and Shrubs of Britain Harris et al. Reader' s Digest ? ***  
Flora of the British Isles Clapham et al. Cambridge University Press Unknown ***** Botanical bible -now superceded by Stace's work
Roger Philips Grasses, Ferns, Mosses & Lichens of Great Britain & Ireland Roger Philips Pan 0330259598 ***** Photographs of plants -useful guide
Sedges of the British isles of the AC Jermy et al. BSBI 0901158054 ***** Definitive botanists field guide
The Flowering of Britain Richard Mabey & Tony Evans Chatto & Windus 0701134569 ***** Interesting history of many "native" plants
The Illustrated Book of Trees AR Clapham Peerage Books 0907408486 ***** Colourful tree guide
The Wild Flower Key British Isles NW Europe Francis Rose Warne 0723224188 ***** Recommended wild flower field guide
The Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe Richard Fitter et al. Collins 0002197154 ***** Recommended wild flower field guide
Wild flowers of Britain Roger Philips Pan 033025183X ***** Photographic plant calendar
The Oxford Book of Wild Flowers BE Nicholson et al. Oxford University Press 0199100136 **** Great little guide
Field Guide to Wild Flowers of Britain & Northern Europe B Gibbons & P Davies Crowood Press 1852237848 *** Photographic guide.  Some pictures better than others
Britain's Orchids David Lang WildGuides & English Nature 1903657067 **** Excellent  guide to all British wild orchids, hot off the press
Wild Flowers of the Mediterranean M Blamey & C Grey-Wilson A C Black 0713670150 ***** High quality floral guide for the Med.
The Wildfoods Cookbook J Spoczynska Comet 0863790895 *** Wild food cook book with some line drawings
The Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Northern Europe M Bon et al. Hodder & Stoughton 038039925X ***** Recommended fungi field guide
Mushroom Magic Michael Jordan Elm Tree Books 3579108642 *** Interesting and informative fungi book
The Complete Encyclopaedia of Mushrooms Gerrt J Keizer Rebo Publishers 9036615984 *** Broad (but interesting) photographic guide covering northern Europe
The New Guide to Mushrooms Peter Jordan Ultimate Editions 1860350445 **** Informative and nicely laid out.  Resembles Roger Philips series
Mushrooms - River Cottage Handbook John Wright Bloomsbury 9780747589327 ***** Very readable guide to edible fungi - highly recommended
All the birds of the air Francesca Greenoak Andre Deutsch 0233970371 ***** Fascinating wild bird folklore
Bill Oddie's Birds of Britain and Ireland Bill Oddie New Holland 1853684880 ***** Great beginners guide and attractively illustrated
Bird habitats in Britain RJ Fuller T & AD Toyster 0856610313 ***** Specialist's ecological book
Identifying Birds by behaviour Dominic Couzens Collins 0007199236 ***** Fantastic 'giz' guide to accompany other guides
Birdwatchers Pocket Guide Peter Hayman\\RSPB Mitchel Beazley 0855331488 ***** Excellent, handy field guide
Birds in England Andy Brown & Phil Grice T & AD Toyster (English Nature) 0713665300 ***** Highly detailed & scientific reference book by nationally recognised authorities.  Slightly dated data.
Field Guide to Birds of Britain Burton et al. Readers Digest 0276002199 ***** Wonderful book with fabulous illustrations and good textual detail.  Not a field guide that could be carried around
Download Wildlife - A Naturalists Year in North and South Downs JF Burton & J Davis George Philip zero zero 54012599 ***** Beautifully illustrated portrait of the South Downs
The Birds of Britain and Europe Hermann Heizel et al. Collins 0002192101 ***** Recommended wild bird field guide
The Illustrated Birdwatcher's Calendar Bob Scott Bounty Books 0753709597 *** Interesting book detailing bird migration
Reader's Digest\AA Book of British Birds Richard Fitter et al. Drive Publications Ltd unknown **** Beautifully illustrated coffee table bird book
Collins Bird Guide Keith & Gooders Collins 0002191199 **** High quality photographic bird guide
The New Bird Table Book Tony Soper Pan 0330243594 *** A classic, interesting book
Birds' Eggs and Nests Jan Hanzak Hamlyn 0600312410 ** Small and rather dated guide
Secret Lives of British Birds Dominic Couzens RSPB\Readers Digest 9780713682809 *** Aimed at a young audience, a well written guide to bird natural history, with nice illustrations
The Good Birdwatchers Guide Peter Jennings Ficedula Books 0951307010 ** Minimalist content, but lists lots of birding sites -  2500+ (dated?)
This Birding Life Stephen Moss Aurum 9781845131807 **** Engaging birding diary from an influential wildlife personality
A Sky Full of Starlings Stephen Moss Aurum 9781845133535 ***** Resonant birding diary full of charm
The Running Sky Tim Dee Jonathan Cape 9870224081986 *** A year of bird watching written in classic emotional prose
Animals (not birds)
Fauna Britannica Stephan Buczacki Hamlyn 0600598675 **** Huge tome detailing a wide range of British animal life and folklore
A Field Guide to the Insects of Britain Michael Chinery Collins 0002192160 **** Dated but high quality guide
Field Guide to the Butterflies and Other Insects of Britain Dr John Feltwell et al. Readers Digest 0276425057 ***** Recommended as beautifully illustrated, but a bit light on details
Butterflies & Moths John Still Collins Wild Guides 0002200104 *** Reasonable quality images plus smallish drawings
Butterflies EB Ford New Naturalists   *** One of a classic series - scientific & authoritative
The Millennium Atlas of Butterflies in Britain and Ireland Jim Asher, Martin Warren et al. Oxford University Press 019850565 ***** Expert survey of butterfly populations at the turn of the millennium - excellent source of knowledge about butterflies
The Butterflies of Wiltshire Michel Fuller Pisces 1874357064 ***** County survey of butterflies between 1982 & 1994
A Guide to Bats of Britain and Europe Wilfried Schober et al. Hamlyn 06005642X ***** Recommended bat field guide
Butterflies & Moths B Hargreaves et al. Collins Gem Guides 0004588088 ** Beginner's butterfly guide
Collins New Naturalists Series Reptiles and Amphibians Deryk Frazer Collins 0187063041 *** Dated but one of a classic series
Field Guide to the Water Life of Britain Dr Pat Morris (Reader's Digest Assoc Ltd) Readers Digest 9780276425080 ***** Recommended as beautifully illustrated, but a bit light on details
Field Guide to the Animals of Britain Reader's Digest Assoc Ltd Readers Digest   ***** Recommended as beautifully illustrated, but a bit light on details
Mammals Tracks and Signs R Brown & Mike Lawrence Macdonald & Co 035609717X **** Well thought out and illustrated small guide
Geology & Fossils
British Fossils Peter Doyle Shire Library 9780747806868 *** Very slim beginners guide to British fossils, but written with a strong scientific pedigree

The Geology of Britain - An Introduction

Peter Toghill Airlife 9781840374049 *** School style text book