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Wildlife webcams

To view some live wildlife action click on the links below.

If you wish to get started with your own webcam, why not put up a bird box and install a camera to watch the nesting season in your own back garden?  For advice go to the following site: www.beautifulbritain.co.uk.

Please feel free to report great wildlife webcams to us at info@whentowatchwildlife.org and we might include them on this page.  Also, if you find that one of our chosen sites has stopped streaming their webcam then we would be grateful if you could tell us...thanks.

Some of these webcams are turned off during the night or at dusk and dawn.  Also please note that these sites are quite unpredictable - availability and performance is rather variable...good luck.

  • Sea bird pictures colonies on the glorious Scottish coast (last checked 28/03/15).

Nesting gannets 2011

  • Scottish Wildlife Trust Osprey cam (last checked 28/03/15).

Osprey nest 2011

  • My Forest Home - a great site with a number of garden wildlife webcams - you need to enable Java for these to work (last checked 28/03/15)
  • Andrew Coopers site has a number of webcams watching badgers, birds and even a water but all on his Church Farm (last checked 28/03/15)
  • The RSPB webcams site sometimes provides links to a number of their bird feeders (last checked 28/03/15).
  • Beds Garden Wildlife provides a 24 hour experience - you never quite know what you might see. (last checked 28/03/15).
  • Catherine's Nest Box Webcams - webcams, taking 15 min snapshots, focused in and on a number of nest boxes in a garden in Essex. (last checked 28/03/15)
If you would like to suggest a webcam contact us at info@whentowatchwildlife.org



All images and text are copyright PMcS 2006